Hi there, I’m Jennifer. Thank you for stopping by!

I stumbled into all things style & beauty a little later than some women – not until my mid thirties. Over the last couple of years I have become an avid reader of beauty & fashion blogs as well as their YouTube counterparts. But something was missing. I didn’t always feel like I really saw myself in the women I was following. In many cases, I was a little older than the publisher and their intended audience.

It wasn’t just that though, I live in a very┬ásmall town in Illinois and it always seemed as though everyone was located on a coast or within a major city.

I work from home and am not likely to be spotted in stilettos anytime soon. Still, I have always considered how I dress to be a direct reflection of my personality and I love the creativity of doing my makeup. (And skin care, well that’s just pure anti-aging survival tactics.)

I am a makeup junkie, but my purchases are budgeted for – there are definitely no “hauls” here.

By trade, I do writing and marketing for small businesses. I love the business I’ve built, but I missed writing for myself.

All this to say, I’m confident I’m not alone. I wanted to create a space for women approaching, at, and over, 40 to turn for inspiration in the realm of style, beauty and skincare.

Women who like to be pulled together and polished – even if you are just running to the grocery. (For the 10th time that week.)

I would love to hear from you and know what topics, products or trends you’d like to read about. Feel free to email me at Jennifer at Thissideof40 dot com.