How I Failed at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Fancy sweatshirts. As I think back, the trouble began with the overwhelming selection of fancy sweatshirts.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (AKA the Super Bowl of fashion blogging) was hyped for weeks leading up to the actual event. It was virtually inescapable on YouTube,Instagram and all of the interwebs. Let’s be clear, I absolutely fell victim to the hype. Over the last year or two, I have become a fan of Nordstrom. I missed the Anniversary Sale last year, and was determined to be an avid participate this time around. After some recent weight loss, I had been hoarding my clothing budget for this sale.

For the uninitiated, the sale is unique in that the items are newly released for the upcoming season – at drastically discounted prices. (In some cases up to 40% of designer brands.) After the sale, they return to full price. It is an ideal opportunity to invest in a few premium (classic) pieces for your wardrobe and a few less expensive, trendier options that will carry you through the next year or two. (Or 7 if you’re me.) The initial sale is open only to Nordstrom credit card holders. After a week or so it opens to the public. As a credit card holder, I was able to access the event the day it opened. I had a list. I had my game face on. I made sure I ate. (Because I am like a toddler who must be fed frequently.)

I decided to go in person as opposed to just shopping online so that I could get the full experience. I have two Nordstrom locations, both about 25 miles from me. I elected to go to the Oakbrook, IL location based on the store size and other retailers at the outdoor mall. (As if I would have even an iota of energy left after this marathon to shop elsewhere-I was full of optimism.)

As I slowly ascended the escalator, it was as if I had boarded the mothership. (I kid you not – there may have been a golden glow emanating from the store.) I was anxious about finding the items on my list, but was relieved to discover that Nordstrom had created vignettes within each department for all of the sale items. They were beautifully tented with a white tulle-like fabric. (I’m not doing it justice – it was all very tastefully done.) I set off in search of the first item, a basic cardigan, and the wheels fell of the entire operation.

Because you guys, the sweatshirts.

Again, the term sweatshirt may not do them justice, but for all intents and purposes, let’s go with that. Apparently, this is a trend we will see everywhere this fall. The colors were beautiful; maroon, black, gray and pine. The style varied from unique knotting at the waist, to lace up detailing on each side, decorative sleeves and so on.

In my defense, my line of thought went something like:

“I work from home most of the time. How GREAT would it be to be wearing something soft and comfortable each day while still looking pulled together? Where have fancy sweatshirts been all of my life? My husband will no longer look at my work-from-home ensemble and assume that I have given up at life. Clearly the most prudent thing I can do right now is buy all of the shirts.

In the aftermath, I ultimately came to my senses and purchased (and kept) a few items that I am in love with. Sadly though, there were several items on my list that sold out almost immediately and never became available again. Silver lining – my clothing budget is still healthy. But alas, still no cardigan.  I’ll be seeking out some alternatives in the coming weeks and sharing them with you. I’ll also share those items that I did buy and some similar options that you might want to pick up for yourself.

In the meantime, I mourn what could have been.

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