Last Minute Gifts | Sephora Inside JCPenny

It's crunch time. There are four shopping days left before Christmas. I was knocked out of commission by a cold for the last few days and was out trying to make up for lost time today. The majority of my Christmas shopping is done, but I was on a search for a Sephora Favorites Gift Set. The irony is not lost on me that I went so far as to write an entire post about said gift sets...and yet neglected to actually purchase one.

I struck out at my local Sephora where they only had a few haircare and perfume sets left. On a whim, I stopped into a Sephora inside JCPenney - where I hit the mother load! I wanted to share these with you because they had such a great variety of collections. Each one had a theme and was packed with some of the best sellers in that niche. You can imagine how much everyone loved me conducting a photo session while they were trying to finish their Christmas shopping, while simultaneously coughing like I had tuberculosis. Needless to say, I make friends everywhere I go.

These are all within the $30-$40 dollar range. They had a quite a few brand-specific sets in stock as well as some smaller Sephora Favorites lip sets. Apparently, the majority of the JCPenney locations still have a generous amount of sets available so I would recommend stopping there if you are in need of something last minute!

Happy Shopping!

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