Monthly Edit | October 2017

Each monthly edit features a collection of things that I have been using and loving the most throughout the past month. (More often than not, in the arena of makeup, skincare, hair and fashion.)

We started off the month in summer and ended it in winter. I am told that fall occurred somewhere in between, but evidently, I missed it. With the sudden introduction of “furnace season” my hair and skin are freaking out.


I’m sure I bemoaned my plight somewhere to you all that I am trying to grow my hair out. September and October saw the awkward just resting on the shoulders stage. So, after throwing all of the heat and products at it – it needed some love. (Even though it didn’t deserve it because apparently, it hates me.) I began using the Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque.  It comes in two sizes – I went with the large only because it was half off at Ulta when I bought it. You just barely need to touch the surface of the product and it will be more than enough. I suspect this container may outlive me. It’s Prime eligible here! I use it once a week, apply it everywhere stopping just short of my scalp, and keep it on waaaayyy longer than directed. Cuz more is more right?


I paint my own nails. This ritual occurs, without fail, every Sunday night. Generally, while we watch 60 Minutes. (Not sure that the 60 Minutes part is integral to the efficacy of the process, but it might be. Who’s to say?) My routine includes one coat of OPI Infinite Shine ProStay Primer, 2 coats of OPI Infinite Shine Laquer (Linger Over Coffee is my go-to at the moment) and 1 coat of OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat…until last month. I had heard great things about Essie’s new gel product, and let me tell you, it lives up to the hype! With OPI Infinite Shine (not regular) products I get one week of chip-free wear. Essie’s lasts 10 days! Let’s be clear, I am not someone who is super cautious about protecting my nails throughout the week. Dishes are washed, toilets are scrubbed, nails are used as tools and gloves are not worn while any of these acts occur. I am officially a convert and can’t wait to try their colors too! (I don’t feel like it is necessary to run out and buy every coordinating product. I’ll use up what I have until it runs out – there is no shame in my game. 🙂


Again with the chapped lips. Ugh. My before bed regime has religiously included the application of Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. Go with the original or my fav the Champagne colored, just order it and stay ahead of the lip chap-ed-ness.

With the arrival of fall, came the appearance of darker lip colors. I don’t tend to get too crazy here, only because I feel like dark colors tend to age me a bit. Nobody wants that. However, a staple in my collection since high school (I am not kidding) is Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Lip Liner #666. Folks, it does not move. I used to wear coordinating lipstick – back when I was young and it was the 90’s and I could do such things. Now, I apply it -with a light hand – to shape/outline my lips and top with a neutral gloss, or sometimes just the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I would swing into Walgreens, Walmart or the like where it’s just over $1. This may be the only product ever that is selling for more on Amazon.


I am done with pedicures for the year. Towards the end of September, I declared sandal season over, stripped my toenails of all polish and cut my nails down to a really unattractive length where of which they will stay until May. I’ve been breaking out booties to wear with my skinny jeans and, well, everything. My two favorites are both relatively new and I was able to find them still available if you’re in the market for booties! This pair from Crown Vintage I have had for a while now and love! I picked mine up (on clearance!) at DSW where they are still in stock, but there are also a few sizes left over on Amazon. They run TTS.

The second pair is a bit newer and leans slightly more winter than fall. They are by Lucky, and again I picked mine up at DSW, but I found them for you over on Amazon where they have a larger color range. Mine are taupe, which is apparently called Brindle on Amazon. They run TTS but the tiniest bit narrow.

I know we are a little short on beauty items this month – but rest assured the Sephora Sale is going strong and I will likely more than make up for it in next month’s post! Tell me what you are using and loving right now. Any new products (or old favorites) that you have been turning to since the temperatures are starting to drop?

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